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It's tough making career choices.

There are a lot of different career fields, vocations and college majors to choose from.

Hopefully, the Mayor's Daughter might be able to help.


For those who enjoy caring for others, earning an online college degree in nursing is a great career path. As people are living longer and longer, the demand for skilled nurses will continue to rise.

At a minimum, a program in nursing requires the minimum of an associate's degree, and some may require a bachelor's degree. An online college nursing degree offers students exposure to a wide range of contemporary health and illness issues, as well as the ability to provide and manage patient care.

Most online college degree programs also offer a master's degree in nursing. The BLS reports that the job outlook for registered nurses is expected to grow much faster than the average and, because the occupation is very large, more than half a million new jobs are expected to be created in the coming years--among the largest number of new jobs for any occupation.

Nursing is a career field that is not right for most students. But for some students, it can be a terrific choice. Registered nurses can expect to earn a median annual salary of $63,750. You can read more about education training options here.

Business Administration and MBA Programs
Given the current competitive business environment, earning an online college degree in business administration or an MBA can give you a definite advantage. These programs generally take about a year of intensive study and focus on finance, accounting and business management.

Those wishing to pursue an online MBA degree must first have earned a bachelor's degree in any discipline. Opportunities include earning your MBA degree in traditional business fields such as finance and accounting, as well as information technology.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that experienced managers with strong leadership qualities and the ability to improve the efficiency or competitive position of an organization should have the best job opportunities. As the economy expands globally, online college degree programs that emphasize international economics, marketing and information systems, as well as the study of several languages also may be beneficial.

The BLS estimates that those at the top with business administration and MBA degrees can earn a median salary of $160,720 per year. See some business administration class options.

The study of the mind and the motivations behind our actions has always been an interesting program for distance learners. Pursuing an online college degree in psychology can help students become counselors or work in careers in administration, social services, private practice or mental health services.

The BLS reports that job prospects are best for those who have advanced degrees in psychology, such as a doctoral or master's degree, but opportunities may be limited for bachelor's degree holders.

The median annual salary for psychologists is $86,540. Learn more about degree programs.

Whether you're interested in civil, electrical or mechanical engineering, there's a distance learning program available. A large number of online college degree program offer bachelor's degrees or master's degrees designed to help professionals further their career goals.

According to the BLS, overall job opportunities in engineering are expected to be good, and prospects will be excellent in certain specialties. The median salary for general engineers runs $89,560 per year. Check out engineer training.

Liberal Arts and Humanities
Everyone can benefit from a good, solid grounding in the liberal arts and humanities. Which makes this course of study one of the most popular distance learning programs. The flexible scheduling, wide selection of courses and convenience of interacting with faculty and fellow students 24/7 makes earning a bachelor's degree or master's degree from an online college ideal.

With an online liberal arts/humanities degree, you can open the doors to a wide variety of careers in the educational, industrial and social science industries.


This article can help you find out which Pennsylvania schools and colleges might be your best education option.

Read some reviews by past students and find out how to apply at some of the best and most affordable schools in the state.

Selecting the ideal college in your state is usually hard. Choosing which Pennsylvania college or university to send your application to and start attending classes at is a substantial decision. This decision requires a large obligation and this decision can have a significant impact on your future and your job.

The proper college will offer the curriculum the student is hoping for, plus it will have specific positive aspects that the student would truly appreciate, such as versatile class schedules, a convenient campus location or online class alternatives.

It would be great if every interested student could afford to go to Bucknell University or Carnegie Mellon University, but luckily, there are several good quality affordable choices, such as Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, local community colleges, and reputable online school options.

From Scranton to Harrisburg and from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, students are taking classes and getting degrees in Information Technology, Business, Engineering, Health Care, Art, Criminal Justice and quite a few more.

Young Pennsylvania residents nowadays realize that the greater schooling and proper training they have, the higher their future employment opportunities will be. So young men and women are not settling for just a high school diploma, they want something more.

And even after these young people have created their careers, they are going forward with their education and learning with specialty classes and graduate degrees, achieved while they continue with their jobs. This blog happens to be about career opportunities in Pennsylvania and provides some recommendations and options for choosing just the right school around the Keystone state.

Oh, if you would like to post a comment about your last local college or school, just send it along to us and we'll use your comments to help us make our selections.

Not every local student want to attend college here in Pennsylvania. For every 10 students that want to enroll at Penn State, there is another student who desires to go to college far away from his or her home town.

While most students who enroll in out of state schools will choose one somewhere either on the upper east close or a state that is still close to Pennsylvania — such as Ohio — others will opt for a university that is so far away that the student will need to fly home for holiday breaks and not drive.

A few of these locations that draw local students include California, Texas and Florida.

All three states are popular among students who want to go to college someplace where it's warm all year round. All three have their own personality and culture and potential students just need to investigate each campus before they make their choice.

You can look into Florida campuses or Texas campuses and see if either one appeals to you.

Most graduating high school seniors in Pennsylvania will enroll at a Pennsylvania college, and most of these students enroll at either one of the big public or private universities or community colleges. But there are so many schools in the state to consider, and not all students take the time to explore them all.

Take, for example, Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. Moore is a women's art school. They offer BFA programs in Art Education or Art History, Curatorial Studies, Fine Art, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography and Digital Arts. Plus they also have co-ed graduate programs in Interior Design, Art Education, and Studio Art. It is a small college that is perfect for some, but not for all. Take your time and look at different schools around the state before making up your mind.

And you don't have to confine your search to just colleges in our state either. Take a look at schools in some neighboring states as well as in cities in different parts of the country too.

If a local student decides to not enroll at a Pennsylvania college, the state that they are most likely to head to is New York.

New York offers so many different education options, from private universities such as Columbia University to small specialty schools like Cooper Union to big state colleges like the SUNY group of schools, New York really offers a lot of choices.

And while most students tend to stay somewhere in the upper East Coast, others will venture west or south.

Some students may be interested in a big college in a small city. Many of the Big Ten schools are like this. They are big state colleges but they aren't situated in a big city. The one exception to this loose rule is the University of Minnesota, which is right near downtown Minneapolis on the banks of the Mississippi. In fact students walk over the Mississippi to get back and forth to classes and services.


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